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Why Sealcoat?


Gem Sealers prevent asphalt surface oxidation by forming a tough protective outer skin.

Gem Sealcoating seals the porous asphalt surface, preventing damaging water penetration.

Gem Sealers protect asphalt from the deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, de-icers, and other harsh chemicals.

Gem Sealers provide the jet black finish and fresh, new appearance that improves the image of any business.

Gem Sealers provide a smooth, even surface that facilitates cleaning and maintenance. 

Avoid expensive asphalt replacement by spending a few cents per square foot on Gem Sealcoat protection.


Chip Seal

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Hot Pour Crack Filling

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Line Striping


Examples of Before & After

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Why Chip Seal?
  • To keep water from penetrating the road structure on paved surfaces.
  • To fill and seal cracks and reveled surfaces of old pavement.
  • To provide an anti-glare surface during wet weather and an increased reflective surface for night driving.
  • To seal the pavement surface minimizing the effects of aging.
  • To provide a highly skid-resistant surface, particularly on wet pavements.
  • The cost of a chip seal is 15%-20% of the cost of pavement overlays.

The Chip Seal Process

  • First, asphalt is mixed with about 30% water. This emulsified mixture is then applied to the road using a special spray truck. As soon as the liquid asphalt meets the road surface, the water starts to evaporate.
  • Immediately after spraying this asphalt, a layer of crushed gravel is applied by a spreader. The gravel (Or Chips) has a maximum size of 3/8 inch. 
  • Next, the gravel is compacted and embedded into the asphalt, some gravel will not become embedded in the asphalt. 
  • the new chip-seal surface can require up to two days to cure properly. Hot, dry weather helps speed up this process in which all of the remaining water in the emulsion evaporates and the asphalt hardens. Traffic can pass over this surface at reduced speeds during the curing process.
  • After curing, the loose gravel is swept off the surface. This may take several sweepings.